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Information About Your Drinking Water 

The Public Works Department operates two well sites. As per the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) rules, staff takes monthly water samples from each of the wells, as well as monthly samples from private residences in Leon Valley.  The samples taken from the well sites are pre-treatment, raw water samples.  In other words, this is water that is pumped out of the ground, before it has been disinfected.  The water samples that are taken from residences scattered throughout the city are post-treatment water samples, and are representative of the water that is coming out of the tap.  All water samples are sent by Public Works to a laboratory for testing.  Public Works receives notice of test results within one day.  If our laboratory finds a positive indicator of contamination, they forward those results to TCEQ.

On Wednesday, May 20th, Public Works was informed that of the samples taken, one raw, groundwater source sample taken from the Grass Hill Well tested positive for E. coli.  All other samples, including the pre-treatment sample from our primary well site and the post-treatment samples from residences in Leon Valley, tested negative for any contaminants. 

According to TCEQ Rule §290.122(f) detection of E. coli or other fecal indicators in source water samples require a public notice to be issued on television, radio, and newspaper within 24 hours of notification of the positive sample.  To comply with this rule, Public Works prepares a public notice, using the mandatory language provided by TCEQ.  This notice was sent to WOAI TV and WOAI radio for broadcast, and a notice has been approved for publication in the San Antonio Express News. 

In addition to issuing a public notice, the Public Works Department will continue to work closely with the TCEQ.  Public Works has temporarily taken the Grass Hill Well out of service.  The well will be disinfected per AWWA standards with chlorine and resampled. Tap water from Leon Valley residences does not have to be boiled as a result of this incident.

Required TCEQ Notice

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