Helpful Information for Residents

Helpful Information

Traffic Signal Outages:     Leon Valley owns and operates traffic signals at the corner of Huebner and Evers, and at Wurzbach and Exchange Parkway. If one of these signals is malfunctioning, call Public Works at 681-1232 to report. If after hours, please call the Emergency Services Dispatchers at 684-3215. All other traffic signal outages should be reported to the City of San Antonio at (210) 207-4586 The City of San Antonio manages the traffic signal system for the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), along Bandera and Grissom Roads, to include signal timing.  

Street light or other electrical outages: Please report these to CPS Energy at (210) 353-5952 or click on the CPS Online Form link below. 
CPS Online Form

School zone lights: Leon Valley owns and operates the school zone lights on Huebner and on Evers roads. If one of these is malfunctioning, please call (210) 681-1232. For the school zone lights along Grissom Road, please call the City of San Antonio at (210) 207-4586.

Dead animals: Please call Tiger Sanitation at 210-333-4287 to arrange pickup.  Dead animals must be placed by the curb and placed in a plastic bag if possible. Tiger Sanitation picks up reported dead animals on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. If there is a dead animal in the roadway, please call Public Works.

Recycle bins, rolling trash cans, roll off dumpsters, and garbage service questions: Please call Tiger Sanitation at 210-333-4287. The Public Works department does not keep extra cans or bins at their facility.

Oak Wilt: Please call the Texas Forest Service at (210) 930-3086. They can give helpful information on how to prevent and/or treat Oak Wilt. For questions regarding tree trimming or removal, please call Community Development at (210) 684-1391 x 226. The City does have a tree preservation ordinance with regulations for trimming and removal of trees.

Water/Sewer Service: Leon Valley provides water and sewer service to most of the City. The rest of the residents, especially in the Forest Oaks area, are provided service through the San Antonio Water System (SAWS). For SAWS water service questions, please call (210) 704-7297.For questions about your Leon Valley water service, please call Yvonne Acuna at (210) 684-1391 x 224. Keep in mind that, if your water service has been interrupted or disconnected due to non-payment, we will not send out personnel after hours to turn your service back on. Service will not be restored until the next business day.

Potholes: The maintenance of both Bandera and Grissom Roads are the responsibility of TxDOT. They can be reached at (210) 623-4431. The rest of the roads in Leon Valley are maintained by the Public Works Department.

Water leaks: If you have a water leak during working hours, please call Public Works at (210) 681-1232. For after hours emergencies, please call the Dispatcher at 684-3215. An emergency is classified as a water or sewer main break. For smaller or trickling leaks, please wait until the next business day to report, or you may leave a message at (210) 684-1391 x 224.

Animal Control/Code Enforcement: At the present time, there is no weekend or after-hours service for Animal Control or Code Enforcement. If it is an emergency, such as a dangerous dog, please call the Police at 911. The City is in the process of setting up weekend and after hours service and we will make that announcement on the website at that time. During normal business hours, please call (210) 684-1391 x 229 or 230.