A Message From Mayor Chris Riley

2021 New Pic 2- Mayor


      The following is a brief summary of what was discussed and important information citizens need to know, at the City Council meeting on Tuesday, June 1st:

  • GOOGLE FIBER: Construction to lay cable in streets will begin this August and continue through November, with the goal of “minimizing the negative impacts of construction in our neighborhoods”.  A door hanger will be used to notify residences of when construction will begin and NO parking will be allowed along the street 48 hours ahead of construction.  There is a 24/7 hotline number to call if there is any problem: 877-454-6959. Internet service provided will be 1 gigabyte, with 2 gigabytes being available in the near future;
  • ANIMAL CONTROL SERVICESThe city employs two animal control officers (ACO) (Heather Rodriguez and Jose Barron) who also handle code enforcement duties. At least one animal control officer is on duty every day of the week from 6AM to 4 PM (except mandatory training and emergency leave) and is on call over weekends and holidays. If you experience an animal control emergency (animal attacking a person or animal seriously injured) call 911.  For non-emergency calls (barking dogs, loose animals, or wildlife, call (210) 684-1391 Ext. 229 or 230 between 6am and 4 pm or after hours or on weekends/holidays call (210) 335-6000, Option 1, to connect to Bexar County dispatch to report.

        Did you know that if you pick up a stray animal, you have now assumed responsibility for the care and control of the animal? Residents should call Bexar County dispatch and report a loose dog giving a description and location.  A dog with a microchip or tag is held at Public Works until the owner arrives.  If no tag, the dog is taken to YaYa Rescue Group for care and adoption. All animals need to have a permit from the city ($5 if sterilized; $15 if not sterilized). Residents are responsible for picking up dead animals on their property, except deer.  Please place the dead animal in a trash bag and place it at the curb.  Call Tiger Sanitation (210) 333-4287 for pick-up.

     Like other cities in the area, the city participates in the TNR program for feral cats. Feral cats are trapped, neutered, and returned back to where they were trapped.   They are usually fed by community volunteers.  All volunteers must complete a class hosted by the San Antonio Feral Cat Coalition.  Training and equipment are provided by the LV animal control officers. Any questions, call (210) 684-1391, Ext. 229 or 230.

  • EMERGENCY DISASTER ORDINANCE- COVID-19 – the city council adopted Governor Abbot’s Executive Order (GA-36) which resumed all city business as it was before the COVID-19 pandemic, including the library. No masks, social distancing or disinfecting podium will be required and all council members and city attorney will be seated on the dais together for the first time in 15 months.   
  • PERMITS – A list of when a permit must be purchased before work is done on your property is available on the City’s website and will be listed in a future Lions Roar.  If you want to replace your fence, you need a permit before you complete the work.
  • WATER AEROBICS – For an additional fee of $15 per class, a one-hour water aerobics class will be offered at the Forest Oaks pool.  Time: 12:15 – 1:15 pm. Days of the week have not yet been determined.
  • CITY HALL SECURITY – Due to continuing threats received by the

city from outside sources, the practice of only allowing citizens and visitors to enter the main city hall door, and of wanding for weapons, will continue.  If you are disabled or in a wheelchair and want to attend a council or committee meeting and use the city council chamber door for entry, please call 24-48 hours before the meeting and arrangements can be made to assist your special needs. (210) 684-1391, Ext. 210.

  • CONGRATULATIONS to Councilman Will Bradshaw for being elected by his peers on the council to continue serving as Mayor Pro Tem.
  • HELP IS NEEDED TO RECEIVE A GRANT FOR THE SECOND HALF OF THE HUEBNER CREEK HIKE AND BIKE TRAIL– a grant was submitted by Public Works to the Alamo Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (AAMPO).  Citizens, please go online and vote for this project! It is critical in letting the policy board know how important this project is to our community since it connects Rimkus Park with the first trail from Crystal Hills Park to Bandera Road.  The public comments will be taken through June 27th.  Please submit your comments in support of this project to online public meeting is also scheduled for Tuesday, June 15th at 6:00 pm.  Thank you!

      Please do not hesitate to contact me or any of your council members if you have any questions or concerns.  Our next city council meeting is on Tuesday, June 15st, at 6 pm at city hall. I will continue to write a letter on the Friday following each council meeting to keep our citizens up-to-date.

(210) 618-2092