Public Works

Stormwater Fees

Leon Valley stormwater fees are added to your water bill. The Leon Valley City Council adopted a stormwater program which will allow the City to implement activities to comply with the Clean Water Act.  All municipalities MUST undertake this effort to prevent pollution from entering the State's waters by way of storm water drains, creeks and rivers.  Storm water programs are unfunded mandates from the Federal and State level, with which the City of Leon Valley must comply.

Property owned by the Federal Government, State of Texas, Bexar County and the City of Leon Valley will be exempt from this charge.  Activities are currently underway to finalize the list properties for the purpose of billing
for storm water services. 

The full text of the Stormwater Management program for the City of Leon Valley can be found under Ordinance No. 09-003. For additional information, please contact the Leon Valley Public Works Department at (210) 681-1232 during normal business hours or view Stormwater Committee meetings.

For purposes of determining the Stormwater Management Fee, all properties in the City are classified into one of the following classes:

(a)       Residential property,
(b)       Commercial property,
(c)       Multifamily property, or
(d)       Public Use property.

 The Fee is based on:

(a)      The property land area in square feet,
(b)      The classification of the property, and
(c)       The cost of implementing, operating and maintaining a storm water management