Fire & EMS


Smoke Detector Program
All dwelling units (homes, hotels and apartments) are required by city code to have a smoke detector(s).

The Fire Department will, at no charge, check your smoke detector to make sure that it is working properly. Also, if you need help installing your smoke detector or changing the batteries, the Fire Department will help you do that.

Residents of Leon Valley who cannot afford to install a smoke detector in their home should contact the Fire Department. Smoke detectors are available at no cost if you cannot afford to buy one.

Smoke detectors and batteries are available for sale at our cost from the Leon Valley Fire Department

Fire Extinguisher Class
Fire Department personnel offer classes in the proper installation, maintenance and use of fire extinguishers.

The classes include information on the proper selection of the type of extinguisher to use and the proper technique for extinguishing a fire with the extinguisher. Classes are held on an as-needed basis. Contact the Fire Department for more information at (210) 684-3219.

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