Fire & EMS

ISO Rating

Leon Valley's fire defenses are rated by the Insurance Services Office (ISO). The ISO is an independent organization that services the insurance industry.
The ISO grades the city on the following rating factors:
Water Supply    40%
Fire Alarm Communications   10%
Fire Department Equipment, Personnel, Training, Distribution   50%

The ISO rating of the city is used to help establish insurance premiums for fire insurance in the city for residences and businesses.

The rating, called the Public Protection Classification (PPC) is expressed on a scale from 1 to 10, where a "1" is the best and a "10" is a minimum level of fire protection. Leon Valley is rated a "3". The Leon Valley Fire Department is exploring ways to increase the PPC rating for the City in order to save businesses and citizens money on their insurance.

Click here to print or save a copy of the letter for validation of Class 3 rating