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Fire Recovery/Mitigation Billing

Fire Recovery USA Billing Service (motor vehicle and water incidents)

Fire departments, cities, and counties are faced with insurmountable financial burdens. The purpose of this service is to provide cost recovery to support the life-saving and critical community services provided by The Leon Valley Fire Department. These services consist of accident/incident as well as swift water rescue cost recovery. Maintaining the capability to respond effectively to hazardous materials incidents adds significant costs for local jurisdictions. Typically, automobile insurance policies provide coverage for medical expenses and ambulance transportation, but not for fire response services. These fees try to recoup the cost of providing non-compensated prehospital medical treatment and rescue activities.

In accordance with FEMA, cities have the authority to impose User Fees, Emergency-Response Service Fees, Inspection Fees, Hazardous Materials Fees, Emergency Medical Services Use Fees, Fines for Nuisance Alarms, Water Rescue, Fire Protection System resets, Fire Inspections and Permitting (Federal Emergency Management Agency). Please visit U.S. Fire Administration, Funding Alternatives for Emergency Medical and Fire Services, FA-331/April 2012.


Level 1 - $487.00 
Provide hazardous materials assessment and scene stabilization. This will be the most common “billing level”.  This occurs almost every time the fire department responds to an accident/incident.  

Level 2 - $554.00   
Includes Level 1 services as well as clean up and material used (sorbents) for hazardous fluid clean up and disposal.  We will bill at this level if the fire department has to clean up any gasoline or other automotive fluids that are spilled as a result of the accident/incident.  


Level 1 - $400.00   
Basic Response: Claim will include engine response, first responder assignment, perimeter establishment, evacuations, first responder set-up and command, scene safety and investigation (including possible patient contact, hazard control). This will be the most common “billing level”. This occurs almost every time the fire department responds to a water incident.  

Fire Recovery USA Services Policies

The Billing Process
A bill for motor vehicle incidents as well as water incidents is usually mailed to the responsible party for causing mitigation costs to the city or fire department and their insurance company for approval of the claim. Payment may be made by check or by phone with a major credit card – VISA and Mastercard. Payment instructions are listed on the bill. Please reference the invoice number on the letter. All questions related to Fire Recovery billing should be directed to Fire Recovery USA, phone: (888) 640-7222, fax: (916) 943-1661, email Monday – Friday between the hours of 7:00 AM and 6:00 PM Pacific Standard Time (PST).

Insurance Claim
Fire Recovery USA, LLC will assist with filing insurance claims at (888) 640-7222, or 2271 Lava Ridge Court, Suite 120, Roseville, CA 95661-3065. Fire Recovery USA billing department will then submit claims to the appropriate carrier.

Fire Recovery USA Contact Information
Fire Recovery | 2271 Lava Ridge Court, Suite 120 | Roseville, CA 95661-3065
888-640-7222 x101 (Toll-Free) | 916-943-1661 (fax) |

Please contact Ms. Martin or Chief Naughton, Fire Department regarding any concerns or discrepancies at (210) 684-3219. Thank you.