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Family Preparedness

Family Disaster Kit
For the latest information on preparing for disasters, please click on the following link to the Federal Emergency Management Agency's website "Are You Ready".

Family Disaster Planning

  • Every family should have a family disaster plan, first aid kit and Family Disaster Kit.
  • Post important telephone numbers near your phones.
  • Identify family meeting places, away from the home.
  • Identify contacts out-of-state and in other cities to check-in with.
  • Identify "safe areas" within the home to use as safety shelter area.
  • Take a first aid course.
  • Learn community shelter areas.
  • Learn community warning systems.
  • Learn community evacuation routes.
  • Make a file of important documents and store the file in a safe place.
  • Identify gas and electrical shut-offs for your home.
  • Know your children's school emergency plan.
  • Plan additional assistance and items necessary to care for a family member with special needs.
  • Create a disaster food and water supply in your home and rotate stock through it.
  • Plan for care of your family pets. Do not take them to the shelter with you.
  • Check, update and maintain insurance coverage.
  • Practice your disaster plans.

Create Your Family Emergency Supplies Checklist website

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 For more information visit online or call 800-BE-READY (800-237-3239).