Fire & EMS

Emergency Management Operations

The mission of the Emergency Management Division is to develop emergency management plans for disasters that could occur in the City. In cooperation with the other City departments, detailed plans and annexes are developed that address specific issues and conditions unique to Leon Valley. The Emergency Management Coordinator is responsible for oversight, development and coordination of the disaster plans, and maintains readiness of the emergency operations center (EOC) and back-up communications/alternate EOC site.

The emergency management plans are tested several times each year in a series of exercises that range from tabletop exercises to full-scale drills that involve the assets of several jurisdictions that would assist Leon Valley in a disaster. Leon Valley participates in the AACOG Regional Mutual Aid Plan, which includes most of the cities and counties in the area around San Antonio.

Potential Disaster Situations for Leon Valley


 Severe Storm

Severe Storm/Tornado


Aircraft Crash

Water Utility Service Failure

Chemical Spill

WMD Release

Electrical Utility Service Failure