Fire & EMS

Community Alerts

Community Alert 1

Leon Valley residents may be notified of an emergency by various methods including:

Reverse 911  - A selected area of the City may be alerted by telephone. If selected, your telephone will ring, and you will be given an emergency area.

NOAA  -  If you own a weather alert radio, an emergency alert may be transmitted via radio and you will receive the alert and a voice message.

Flood Warning Siren - This general alarm will be sounded for flood events that occur in the Jeff Loop/El Verde Road areas.

Door-To-Door Notification - Police, Public Works or Fire Department personnel may come and notify you of an emergency and provide specific information to you.

TV News and Cable Crawlers - News specials may be broadcast and "Crawlers" (bands of text at the top or bottom of your TV screen) may be transmitted via local television stations and cable providers.

Radio News - Radio broadcasters may transmit emergency messages.