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The City of Leon Valley was awarded the 2017 National Flood Insurance Program Community Rating System. The community has undertaken a series of meaningful activities to protect its citizens from losses caused by flooding and has significantly exceeded the requirements for NFIP participation and effective floodplain management. This classification earns all flood protection policy holders a 15% discount. 


The City of Leon Valley was awarded the 2017 Texas Floodplain Management Excellence Award from the Texas Floodplain Managers Association!! In recent years, this city has worked to improve its Comprehensive Floodplain Management and has demonstrated achievements in reducing flood property losses and preventing loss of life through its floodplain management program. The City of Leon Valley now has two Certified Floodplain Managers. Only one city is selected to receive this award each year in the State of Texas. The City of Leon Valley was selected for having an innovative flood awareness program, forward thinking environmental impact activities, and more!

City Floodplain Management Excellence Award

The Leon Valley Fire Department won the 2015 Community Service Award from the International Code Council. This award is presented for meritorious service by an organization that promotes the public health, safety and welfare by initiating activities or actions which are considered to be above and beyond the normal expectation. The Fire Department instituted a cooking safe apron program in an effort to reduce cooking fires in Leon Valley. Residents were asked to wear an official fire department cooking safe apron complete with Leon Valley FD patch/logo, when cooking. The idea was that if a resident walked away from the kitchen while cooking or become distracted, they would be reminded by the apron and return to the kitchen. This program reduced cooking related emergencies by more than 50% over the last two years in Leon Valley.

2015 Community Service Award

The Leon Valley Fire Department is the winner of the 2014 Lone Star Achievement Award from The Texas Fire Chiefs Association. This award is presented to the most innovative and progressive fire prevention program in the state of Texas.

2014 Lone Star Achievement Award

The Leon Valley Fire Department was awarded “Firewise” recognition from the National Fire Protection Association. Leon Valley is the only city in Bexar County to hold this designation. Firewise is presented to city’s that meet best practice management of urban-wildland interfaces. These include cutting and maintaining shaded fuel breaks between natural vegetation areas and residential homes; public education and community outreach, and brush collection and mitigation in other areas.

 Firewise Award
Firewise Logo