Fire & EMS


HydrantAdopt-A-Hydrant Program 

The Leon Valley Fire Department is launching a new community based safety program and needs your help! As our crew arrives on scene to a fire, we need to immediately locate and gain access to the nearest fire hydrant. Crucial time is lost if we need to clear away weeds, trash, and yes, maybe even snow, to obtain our water supply to help us put out a fire. This is where you can play an important role in our response. If you choose to adopt a hydrant or two, we are asking that you keep them clear of trash, weeds, possible snow, report any damage or leaking to the Fire Department, and maintain their bright red color. We will supply you, free of charge, the paint and the brushes to freshen up the hydrants if they need painting.  If you are willing to adopt one or more fire hydrants in your neighborhood, please reach out to us at  If you have any questions you can contact Assistant Fire Chief Eric Burnside at 210-684-3219 ext. 282