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Prepare for Floods

Prepare for Floods

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Are you prepared for floods? Flash floods can happen at any time in Leon Valley, with little or no warning. Be prepared - you may only have minutes to react.


The City of Leon Valley utilizes various methods to ensure that we are communicating and providing Public Outreach Education Opportunities. Our intent is to educate and engage our community about the Floodplain in Leon Valley. Please review this table so you can look for educational opportunities.

Flood Safety & Personal Preparedness

Flood Emergency Plans

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Reliable flood forecasting and early detection of flood conditions are critical components of an effective local flood warning system.  Several hours of advance warning of impending floods can prevent extensive property damage; minutes of advance warning can save lives.

The City of Leon Valley’s three monitoring stations include all the remote site equipment and a central Base Station.  Their system is ideally suited for applications requiring instantaneous retrieval of environmental data – measurements of rainfall and water levels in streams, creeks or other bodies of water.  It is solar powered and designed to work during extreme weather events.  The system is also capable of expanding to include hardware for high water detection to warn drivers that the road section ahead is flooded or impaired (via flashing lights and/or automatic barrier gate).

The Base Station software helps facilitate data management:  graphical map displays, activation of alarms, instant messaging, hydrological forecasting and analysis tools.  The software package is an easy-to-use, menu-driven program and is capable of feeding public or intra-agency web sites.

Periodic maintenance is key to the systems’ performance and the City contracts with their hardware supplier for regular preventative maintenance.  This maintenance keeps the equipment operating within factory specifications year round. 

Citizens that live in or near the Special Flood Hazard Area may receive automatic text alerts to cell phones. These alerts will be in response to rising flood waters and provide early notification. You may contact Assistant Fire Chief Eric Burnside at e.burnside@leonvalleytexas.gov or at 210-684-3219 and request to be added to the system or fill out the enclosed application  and email to the Assistant Fire Chief.

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Buy flood insurance to protect your property.

Be Flood Smart


Flood Preparedness Meetings In-a-box

Arrange meetings within your neighborhood or organization to discuss flood preparedness, gather information, and share resources to help each other reduce the impacts of future flooding, to include assistance with preparing a draft agenda, potential discussion items/questions, summaries of flood recovery efforts, and personal preparedness tips.

Flood Watches and Warnings

Flash Flood Watch - Weather conditions may cause flash flooding in the specified area. Be ready to move to higher ground during heavy rainfall.

Flash Flood Warning - Flash flooding is occurring or is imminent in the specified area. Move to higher ground immediately. In some locations and situations, it may be safest to shelter in place on the upper floor of the building.

Flood Protection Guides

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