Leon Valley Sponsored Green Initiatives

Green Initiatives have sprung from that SDAT Workshops that are important to all in Leon Valley.  The green initiative is important to a sustainable community and generations to come. Please take time to view the following Leon Valley Program Initiatives:

El Verde 2020

Tree Challenge
F.O. Garden Club
Earthwise Living

Oil & Filter Recycling
Residents are encouraged to dispose of used oil and filters in an environmentally safe way. The Oil Igloo is located at the Public Service Center on Alley Kinman Road, 6427 Evers Road (behind the Community Center). Hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.

Curbside Recycling
Tiger Sanitation is the trash collector for the City of Leon Valley. Garbage is collected twice each week and curbside recycling pickup is provided once each week. For more information on garbage and recycling services in Leon Valley CLICK HERE.

Leon Valley Supports Water Conservation

There is a Water Conservation ordinance which prohibits the use of sprinklers between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. throughout the year. During dry spells, additional measures may be necessary to further conserve water.

Leon Valley Uses Winter Averages For Sewer Billing
Sewer bills are based on an average water use during the months of November, December, January and February. This time period is used because historically this is when the customer does little outside watering.

To keep sewer bills down, residents should minimize their water use between November 15 and February 15 of each year. The new sewer rate for the year will show up in the April billing. Questions regarding your bill should be directed at (210) 684-1391 ext. 224 or Visit the Utility Page.

Leon Valley Hosts Earthwise Living
The City of Leon Valley sponsors an annual event entitled Earth Wise Living Day. An assortment of businesses display their earth friendly products and services along with a program of speakers addressing various issues regarding the environment. Information about Earth Wise Living can be obtained from the Department of Utility Billing (210) 684-1391 ext. 224 or visit the Earthwise Living Page.

Offered Rebates

Toilet Rebate 
To receive a $50 rebate, simply replace your old water guzzling commode (3.5 to 7 or more gallons per flush) with one that uses 1.6 gallons or less per flush. Next, contact Public Works for an inspection, turn in your old commode along with the original sales receipt for the new fixture. A rebate of $50 will be applied to your water & sewer bill. To apply for a rebate for replacing your toilet, please call Utility Billing (210) 684-1391 ext. 224

Washing Machining Rebate
The City offers a $100 rebate for the replacement of energy efficient, front-loading washing machines.  Before purchasing a new washing machine, contact Utility Billing (210) 684-1391 ext. 224 for details on how to apply and what units qualify.  The rebate will be applied to your water and sewer bill.