PRESS RELEASE: Household Stabilization Program

City of Leon Valley Attempts to Assist Residents Through CARES Act Funding
Kelly Kuenstler, Leon Valley City Manager, has signed a contract as authorized by the Leon Valley City Council to utilize Ascension DePaul Services as the city's non-profit organization designated to assist Leon Valley residents with COVID related expenses.  Residents should utilize this link "LV Household Stabilization Program" to request assistance. Once a Leon Valley resident has requested relief, a City of Leon Valley employee will verify that the resident lives in Leon Valley. 
What should residents know?
Applying through the website is strongly encouraged as it will make the funding process move rapidly LV Household Stabilization Program.
Ascension DePaul Services will ask the resident for proof of Covid-19 impact on the household.  All documentation will have to prove the resident requesting relief must be residing in the address provided.  Some or all of the documents below will be required from residents (enough to prove claimed impact).
  • History in pay stubs to show a decrease of hours paid by an employer.
  • Letter from employers if loss of employment or decrease in hours.
  • Unemployment Benefit letter.
  • At residents' discretion, medical letter of Covid-19 infection/treatment.
  • An affidavit from the resident WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
  • Hardship cases will be evaluated on a case by case basis and may only be approved by city staff.
  Once impact has been proven, the City is able to assist with the following items:
  • Overdue rent or mortgages and if determined necessary one future month.
  • Unforeseen financial funeral cost
  • Overdue utilities
  • Food, prescriptions, clothing, fuel, counseling services, qualified childcare and internet services required by the public school system.
The City stands ready to provide up to $4999 in financial assistance per household. Any amount $5000 or above will be sent to the City of Leon Valley for management approval. 
Other Important Information
Kuenstler stated that, "Residents will need to provide bills and rental/mortgage documentation necessary for electronic payment directly to the vendor.  No funds will go directly to residents other than gift cards for food or fuel". 
If you are unable to navigate through this link LV Household Stabilization Program, you may call Ascension DePaul Services at 210-334-2300 for assistance with navigating through the website service.
A special thanks to the Leon Valley City Council, William Cox, Business Relations Director and the staff at Ascension DePaul for their efforts in making this funding for citizens come to life!