Governor Abbott Executive Order No. GA-23 - New Guidance and Changes

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Hello Leon Valley Residents and Business Leaders!

Great news from the Governor’s Office, allowing most of our still shuddered businesses to reopen! Executive Order GA-23 has the following changes:

 May Open IMMEDIATELY with Restrictions (05/18/2020)

  • Massage establishments;
  • Personal care and beauty services may reopen. This includes tattoo studios, piercing studios, hair removal services and hair loss treatment services; and
  • Child care services (other than youth camps).

Allowed to Open May 22, 2020 with Restrictions

  • Dine-in Restaurants up to 50% of total listed occupancy;
  • Bars and similar establishments (not restaurants) up to 25% of total listed occupancy;
  • Aquariums and similar facilities (excluding zoos) at up to 25 of total listed occupancy;
  • Bowling alleys, bingo halls, simulcast racing, and skating rinks up to 25% of total listed occupancy;
  • Rodeos and equestrian events up to 25% of total listed occupancy;
  • Drive-in concerts; and
  • Amateur sporting events with no access to general public.

Authorized to Open on May 29, 2020 with Restrictions

  • Outdoor areas of zoos

Allowed to Open on May 31, 2020 with Restrictions

  • Professional sports with no spectators;
  • Youth camps including summer camps (daytime or overnight); and
  • Youth sports programs, provided however, that practices may begin, but games may not start until June 15, 2020.

Still Not Allowed to Open to the Public:

  • Interactive entertainment venues not expressly named above (i.e. arcades, amusement parks, or water parks);
  • Nursing homes, state supported living centers, assisted living facilities, or long-term care facilities unless to provide critical assistance; and
  • In-person classroom attendance at public schools.

Please see attached for information on restrictions and requirements for both the businesses and the public. The changes can be found at

As a reminder, the Executive Order states, “In accordance with guidance from DSHS Commissioner Dr. Hellerstedt, and to achieve the goals established by the President to reduce the spread of COVID-19, every person in Texas shall, except where necessary to provide or obtain Covered Services, minimize social gatherings and minimize in-person contact with people who are not in the same household. People over the age of 65, however, are strongly encouraged to stay at home as much as possible; to maintain appropriate distance from any member of the household who has been out of the residence in the previous 14 days; and, if leaving the home, to implement social distancing and to practice good hygiene, environmental cleanliness, and sanitation.

The City of Leon Valley remains here for each and every one of our citizens and business owners. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of assistance, and remember, please support your local businesses as much as possible! 

In Your Service, Chief Salvaggio