Proposed Master Plan

Two public hearings are scheduled on the update to the City of Leon Valley Comprehensive Master Plan on December 5 and December 19 at the regular City Council meeting beginning a 6 p.m.  A Comprehensive Master Plan serves as a long-term policy guide to assist elected officials in decision making.  The Master Plan is updated periodically to reflect current conditions and the community’s revised goals and objectives. The Master Plan consists of 6 components or chapters:  Land Use and Community Design, Transportation and Thoroughfares, Housing and Neighborhood, Economic Development, Quality of Life, and Environment.  Each component provides a summary of existing conditions, citizen input, basic policy guidance, goals and recommended strategies to achieve the stated goals. Residents and other stakeholders participated in a series of workshops between 2013 and 2016 to provide input.  Their input was taken into consideration in the development of the Plan’s goals and strategies.  The update is scheduled for consideration by City Council on December 19.  The draft Comprehensive Master Plan can be viewed at the following link:  DOWNLOAD HERE TO VIEW   For more information, contact Nina Nixon-Mendez, Planning and Zoning Director at 210-684-1391, ext. 234.