FREE Home Water Audit

As many of you are aware, the City of Leon Valley will be performing some major repairs to the Leon Valley Water System. The existing water wells have outlived their useful life and need to be replaced. To pay for these repairs, the City Council adopted an Ordinance that increases the water rates.

We understand that many of you may be experiencing higher bills and we would like to help by offering you a FREE Home Water Audit.

What is Home Water Audit?

A Home Water Audit is an assessment of how much water is used and how much water can be saved in the home. Conducting a water audit involves helping calculate water use and identifying simple ways for saving water in the home.

What are the Benefits of conducting a Home Water Audit?

Conducting a water audit can help you save money by reducing your water bill, making you aware of how you use your water, and helping you identify ways you can minimize water usage by implementing simple conservation measures without drastically modifying your lifestyle.

How do I request a Home Water Audit?

To request your personal Home Water Audit appointment, please call Yvonne Acuna at 210-684-1391 ext. 224

Our water personnel will meet with you at your home to help identify probable leaks and/or ways to help you conserve.

For more information on water conservation please visit

Click here for your own Home Water Audit Checklist.