A Safety Message from the Leon Valley Police Department

A Safety Message from the Leon Valley Police Department


The holiday season is fast approaching. Busy schedules, holiday celebrations, and gift giving will be on everyone’s mind. Don’t become complacent and vulnerable to crimes. Follow these crime prevention measures to insure a joyful and safe holiday season.


Be aware of your surroundings in parking lots, and while driving, and any activity that looks suspicious.

  •  Keep you doors locked and windows rolled up.
  •  Park in well-lit areas and never next to large vehicles or vehicles with heavy tinted windows.
  •  Never leave your vehicle unattended while it is running.
  •  If possible, approach your vehicle with a group. If security is available, ask for an escort.


  •  Always check your debit card receipt before leaving the cash register. Cashiers can key your transaction for cash back and pocket the money.
  •  Check your bank account and credit card balances often and report any inconsistencies immediately.
  •  Avoid carrying large amounts of cash. Carry only the debit or credit cards you need.
  •  Minimize shopping alone or at night.
  •  If you need to use an ATM machine, use one in a well-populated area and protect your PIN numbers from the view of others.
  •  Keep a record of your credit card numbers in a safe place and report lost or stolen credit cards immediately.
  •  Avoid overloading yourself or your vehicle with packages.


  •  Carry your wallet in your front pants pocket or if you carry a purse, secure it over your shoulder and be sure it is zip/closed.
  •  Avoid wearing expensive jewelry, watches or clothing.
  •  Dress casual and comfortably.

At Home

  •  Beware of scams that prey on holiday generosity.
  •  Be sure to lock and secure your residence when you leave, even if only for a short period of time.
  •  If you have an alarm, set it, even if you are leaving for a short period of time.
  •  Avoid having your holiday gifts visible from a window or door.

Remember, if something doesn’t look right, it probably isn’t. Report all suspicious activity to the Police Department by calling 9-1-1