Ten tips for an Ecological Christmas

  1. Do not send a traditional card but use an electronic card which does not require physical resources to make or distribute. Many electronic cards can be personalized.
  2. Stop using plastic Christmas decorations. Make them yourself from recycled items, such as paper.
  3. Use LED lights. Trade in the old style light bulbs with modern LED lights. LED lights use 80-90% less energy compared to old light bulbs. You can also use living lights like people do in many countries. You can choose soy, vegetable, wax or beeswax candles, all of which are renewable and biodegradable materials rather than paraffin wax.
  4. Plan your shopping trip. Go where you need to go, but do all your shopping at once to avoid repeat journeys.
  5. Avoid new shopping bags when you buy Christmas presents. Reuse some you may have on hand.
  6. Pack your presents in ordinary gift wrapping. Be creative, use newspaper or colorful pages from magazines. You can also pack presents in a beautiful scarf and make the packaging part of the present.
  7. Buy alternative Christmas presents such as gift certificates to charitable organizations. Another alternative is to give friends items that save energy, such as low-flow shower heads and fluorescent light bulbs.
  8. Buy a live Christmas tree. Artificial trees can be difficult to dispose of.  Live trees can be burned or made into compost. New trees are replanted each year, but you can also buy a Christmas tree with roots which can be replanted into the ground so that you can reuse it next year.
  9. Deck the table with clay or porcelain plates and use cutlery made of metal which can be washed and reused again and again.
  10. Use cold water to do the dishes after Christmas dinner. Use an ecological dish soap and you will discover that your dishes can be cleaned thoroughly.