Public Works

Leon Valley Little Victory Organic Community Garden

During this past fall and winter, the Public Works Department has been working hard to rehabilitate the Community Garden, located in Raymond Rimkus Park, 6440 Evers Road. New water lines and spigots were installed at each plot, and the garden received new and repaired fencing. All the old and rotted railroad timbers were removed and replaced with concrete block. We stenciled plot numbers by each water spigot, tilled the existing soil and then filled each plot with sterilized organic garden soil (light garden mix) for the spring planting season.

In addition, the pathways throughout the garden were covered with landscaping fabric and mulch to keep the grass and weeds from growing. There is new signage with revised rules posted by the main gate. We will be adding a garden shed at some point, so the Gardeners may store their garden implements out of the weather. A mailbox at the front gate contains a calendar and notebook for recording visits to the garden, and for sharing information with other Gardeners.

Plots are assigned on a first-come first-serve basis, and require a time commitment from each Gardener of at least four hours a month, but the plots are free to use. All plots are already taken for this season but we will reassign again next year in January.

We hope all the Community Gardeners have a great time gardening and end up with a bountiful harvest, but please feel free to contact us for any questions, concerns or problems that might be encountered over the next year, at (210) 681-1232.

Happy Harvesting!

Melinda Moritz
Director of Public Works