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Police Department Programs

For further Information on any of the following programs, call our non-emergency number at (210) 684-3215.

Police Department Citizen Advisory Committee

On May 17, 2016, the City of Leon Valley adopted City Ordinance Article 1.06 Police Department Citizen Advisory Committee. The committee serves as the liaison between the police department and the community on programs, ideas, and methods to improve the relationship between the department and our citizens. The committee has 13 members appointed by the Mayor and City Council, and come from residents and business owners in Leon Valley.

Social Media

The Leon Valley Police Department is on Facebook and Next Door Neighbor social media sites. Both sites can be found by searching for Leon Valley Police Department. Please friend us or be our neighbor to get the most up-to-date information on the police department and community.

Police Explorers

The Leon Valley Police Department is a close partner with the Marshall High School Law Enforcement and Police Explorer Programs. The Police Explorer program introduces 14-21 year old young adults to the law enforcement career field. They work closely with officers in training on police concepts, tactical skills, and law enforcement operations.  They also partner with our department for special events and on Neighborhood Renewal Programs throughout our community.

For information on the Marshall Police Explorer Program, please contact Michael Garcia at Marshall High School at (210) 397-7100.

Explorer Program

Bicycle Safety
The Leon Valley Police Department’s Bicycle Safety Program educates school children regarding the bicycle laws applicable in the State of Texas. They provide safety advice on riding bicycles, as well as discuss safety items that could save a child’s life in an accident. Officers also provide demonstrations and simple steps on how to maintain and care for a bicycle.

Stranger Danger
Children in Leon Valley are taught what to do when approached by strangers. Rules on what to do are discussed and "what if” situations are presented to ensure the children understand how they can be tricked by strangers.

Elderly Safety
Programs in Home Security, Personal Safety, Theft and Fraud Prevention have been developed to address the unique needs of the elder citizens in the Leon Valley community. Officers work closely with the assisted living facilities, senior living apartments and families of seniors to ensure they are not victims of crime. The Leon Valley Police Department attends many events involving seniors in an effort to stress safety and security in their community.

Traffic Awareness
Presentations are available to teenage and adult groups on local and statewide statistics. In the presentations our officers cover the present laws concerning Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), Involuntary Manslaughter, and other traffic related crimes that can occur.

Personal Safety
Our presentations are specifically designed to increase citizen-awareness of the possibility of crimes against persons. This class includes lectures, related films and a group discussion. Circumstances that increase the possibility of being attacked are outlined and the proper preventative measures to be taken while at home or away are presented.