Crash Reports

Online Crash Reports

In our continuing effort to improve the processing and delivery of crash reports, LexisNexis will begin managing and distributing reports for the Leon Valley Police Department via the internet. Going forward, crash reports will be available for your convenience online. To obtain a copy of a crash report, please click here. Your (crash report) accident will usually be ready in 10 business days.  Once posted online, crash reports will remain available via the internet.  For any additional questions, please contact Sgt. K Burleson by phone at (210) 684-1391 ext. 252 or by email at

In order to purchase a report, the requestor must provide the following: 

•The report number; and
•The last name of someone involved in the accident; and 
•The date of the accident 

Once the required information is entered, the report may be purchased using a major credit card and then printed. 

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