Code Compliance/Animal Control

Contact Information:
Heather Rodriguez
(210) 684-1391 ext. 229

Jose Barron
(210) 684-1391 ext. 230

Code Compliance
The main function of Code Compliance is to ensure that all city and state laws are upheld, in an effort to protect the health, safety and welfare of all citizens within the City of Leon Valley. Focus areas within Code Compliance include:

  • Illegal/Abandoned Signs
  • Vacant Lots and Alleys
  • High weeds and grass
  • City Property and Right-of-Way Violations
  • Illegal Dumping
  • Broken or Dilapidated Fences

Animal Control

The goal of Animal Control is to keep the Leon Valley community and it’s pets/animals safe against rabies and other diseases communicated by animals to humans.  Leon Valley Animal Control addresses dangers and nuisances that are caused when animals are homeless, unrestrained, neglected and abused.

Leon Valley Wildlife
Please note that wildlife should be left alone.  If you are concerned with critters in your area be sure all garbage containers are securely sealed, do not leave your pet’s food outdoors for an extended period of time, remove bird and/or squirrel feeds, seal any holes that could allow access to your garage, house, attic or porch.
WIld life
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