Library Hours

The library will be open SEVEN DAYS A WEEK starting on Friday, December 8, 2017!
Our hours will be:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday      10am – 6pm
Tuesday, Thursday                          10am – 8pm
Saturday                                              10am – 2pm
Sunday                                                 2pm – 6pm
(the additions are Monday and Sunday)

 We are increasing our hours to 52 open hours per week (from 40).  We are hoping to see increases in library use, not simply spreading our current “busy-ness” out among more days.  Please help us spread the word!  I will be creating flyers and graphics and will be sure to get them onto websites, facebook pages and more…..keep your eyes open and COME TO THE LIBRARY!!!
More Information please visit the Leon Valley Public Library Website or call (210) 684-0720