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 The City of Leon Valley 2016 Business Listing

The "City of Leon Valley 2016 Business Listing" is current as of February 3, 2016, and is a working list. It is based on information obtained from business owners and managers, as well as property owners and managers. The list will be updated every 6 months, however the Economic Development Department accepts new and accurate information at all times.

Please note that in developing the list, staff called and visited the businesses over several weeks. Not all managers and/or owners were available, did not return calls, or refused to provide information; therefore, the list may not contain all businesses. Also, some owners and managers requested that the business information not be included on the list, and their requests have been granted.

If your business is not included on this list and you would like to have it included, please contact Ana Federico, Economic Development Administrative Assistant, at (210) 684-1391, extension 232, or email at:

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