Community Development

Boards and Commissions

Zoning Commission
The Zoning Commission consists for seven (7) regular members and three (3) alternates.  The Commission is an appointed to recommend boundaries of original zoning districts and appropriate regulations to be enforced in those districts.  The Commission also has the authority to hold public hearings and prepare final reports for the City Council on recommendations for changes in zoning district boundaries or regulations in zoning districts, including specific use permits and non-specified uses. The Commission prepares and maintains the city's master plan, zoning code, master sign plan, and other tasks as outlined or requested by the City Council.

Current Members

  • Hal Burnside – Chair (Place 2)
  • Danielle Bolton- Member (Place 1)
  • David Smith- member (Place 3)
  • Larry Proffitt - Member (Place 4)
  • Catherine Rowse - Member (Place 5)
  • Greg Price - Mmeber ( Place 6)
  • Richard Blackmore – Member (Place 7)
  • Edward Alonzo– 1st Alternate
  • Vacant - 2nd Alternate
  • Vacant- 3rd Alternate

Board of Adjustment
The Board of Adjustment is a quasi-judicial Board whose duty is to hear and determine zoning appeals and other specific duties as laid out in Chapter 14, “Zoning Ordinance.” The Board consists of five (5) regular members and four (4) alternates.

Current Members

  • Liz Maloy – Chair
  • Lupita Carpio – Vice Chair
  • Vivian Pankey – Second Vice Chair
  • Pat Martinez – Member
  • Steven Mouser - Member
  • Lyn Joseph - 1st Alternate
  • Phillip Riddle - 2nd Alternate
  • Patricia Manea– 3rd Alternate
  • Edward Alonzo- 4th Alternate