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Project Overview

In 2008, the City Council voted to approve a resolution, setting seven strategic goals for the City, three of which were “Safety and Security”,  “Infrastructure/Capital Plan”, and “Citizen Involvement”. This project was undertaken as a result of this resolution.

Since 1972, when the original City Hall was built, the City of Leon Valley grew by over 8,900 residents. Additionally, technology has revolutionized the workplace, requiring a more adequate infrastructure. ADA, HIPPA, and building codes were created and/or strengthened to ensure accessibility, and to protect the privacy and safety of people in public places. The City of Leon Valley’s current City Hall facilities have not kept pace with those developments.

In July of 2011, a Citizen’s Committee was formed to conduct an in-depth assessment of the facilities. The Committee worked with a consultant who provided technical assistance in evaluating square footage requirements, and projecting design and engineering considerations, as well as construction costs. The outcome of the assessment resulted in the Committee’s recommendation for 15,000 square feet of additional space for a new fire station, and a renovation of existing space (19,714 sq. ft.) to facilitate the Police Department, Dispatch and City Administration support services to operate in a modern, efficient, and compliant manner.