Bond Information

New Municpal Facilities

The new fire station will be located on El Verde Road, 100 yards from its current location. The land is property that was voluntarily sold to Bexar County for flood prevention projects, and will be deeded to the City of Leon Valley. All occupied areas of the renovated or newly built construction would be located above the flood plain. Following are summaries of the improvements:

Police Department Summary

  • Renovate 9,922 sq. ft. of Existing Space (a gain of 5,062 sq. ft.)
  • Secured Prisoner Entry Port
  • Dedicated Detention for Juveniles
  • Dedicated Interview Room
  • Expanded Storage for Armory
  • Patrol Officer Suit-Out Room
  • Dedicated Storage for Evidence

Fire Department Summary

  • Build a New, 15,000 sq. ft. Fire Station (a gain of 6,762 sq. ft.)
  • Expanded Apparatus Bays
  • Male & Female Sleeping Rooms
  • Male & Female Locker Rooms
  • Storage for Hazardous Items
  • Efficient use of Workspace

Police, Fire, EMS Shared Space Summary

  • Training Room
  • Centralized Dispatch
  • Centralized Emergency Operations

City Hall & Municipal Court Summary

  • Renovate 9,792 sq. ft. of Existing Space (a gain of 3,176 sq. ft.)
  • Efficient use of Workspace for Municipal Court and City Staff
  • Dedicated Meeting & Waiting Spaces
  • Improve Service Windows for Privacy