Monument Project

Status Report

Bandera Road Monument Project



The City has been APPROVED by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDot) for the installation of two (2) monument signs measuring 20-feet in height!

The first monument is to be located in the Bandera Road median near the Seneca Drive and the second monument is to be located at Bandera Road median near the Eckhert Road intersection.

The following is how the timeline has transpired to date:

October 2012 – per City Council authorization and approval the City Manager enters into a Contractual Agreement with Halff Associates.  The Scope of Work consists of four (4) substantial tasks by Halff Associates for: Design and TxDot Approval, Construction Plan Preparation, Bidding and Project Award, and Construction Phase Services ($49,850).

December 2012 – per City Council authorization and approval the City Manager enters into a Contractual Agreement with TxDot to take over Maintenance of Bandera Road.  Surveys of the locations of the proposed monuments are completed by Sia Engineering.  Halff Associates also begins preparing a formal submittal for TxDot review.

January 2013 – Halff Associates presents details of the monument project at the

Town Hall meeting and 60% plans are sent to TxDot for review and approval. A Request for Service is submitted to CPSEnergy so that a Project Manager can be assigned to the City for the continued design and processing of the monument lighting.   

February 2013 – CPSEnergy contacts the City noting that the locations will be given addressing so that a Project Manager can be assigned to the monuments and the monuments can later be metered for service.  Word is received from TxDot that the 60% plans are being reviewed.  A request has been made by city staff to TxDot to begin the next part of the process, which is to request approval for boring in the right-of-way at the monument locations to begin the geotechnical review of these areas.

March 2013 – Arias and Associates were contracted to perform the geotechnical and provide a report.  The addresses for the two (2) monuments were also created and the locations of the existing utilities were verified.

April 2013 – The geotechnical report was completed and submitted to the City and Halff Associates for utilization in the TxDot submittal.

May 2013 – The 100% plans underwent internal staff review.

June 2013 – Staff finds out that there was a construction conflict with a traffic lane project occurring in the City of San Antonio at Bandera Road and Eckhert Road.  Ultimately, the City of San Antonio modified their plan so that the monument project was not affected.

July 2013 – The 100% plans were presented to the City Council and a Resolution by Council was approved allowing Halff Associates to proceed with formal application to TxDot for installation of the monuments.

August 2013 – Project was registered with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation and was reviewed for ADA compliance.

September 2013 – The Monument application was submitted for review and approval by TxDot in early September and review comments were received by the City and Halff Associates to revise and resubmit to TxDot in late September.

October 2013 – Revisions were resubmitted to TxDot.

November 2013 – The monument application was APPROVED by TxDot.

December 2013 – The bid package was finalized, invitations to bid were sent and the bid package was released publicly for bid.

January 2014 – The deadline for bid packages is January 14, 2014.

February 2014 – The City Council approved the lowest bid contractor R.L. Rohde.

March 2014  The contract is reviewed by attorney and is finalized and signed. Utility locates and preconstruction are held to solidify details.

April 2014  Construction began April 1st and will continue through June 29th (total of 90 days).


For additional questions or concerns call Kristie Flores, Director of Community Development at 210-684-1391, extension 227 or email to