Monument Project


Bandera Road Monument Project

The concept of Bandera Road monuments or Bandera Road Beautification is not new to the City.  An Executive Summary, prepared and submitted by Bender Wells Clark Design in February of 1998, noted that the overall perception of the City of Leon Valley could be greatly enhanced through landscape, streetscape, and identification/signage along Bandera Road. The summary noted Bandera Road enhancement would provide both improved quality of life for residents and would attract economic development.  Although there was no opposition to the Bandera Road streetscape improvements, funding has always been a challenge in launching this project in terms of design, continual maintenance, and location within the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDot) right-of-way. 

The Bandera Road Monument concept was never really far from community/city focus, but was shelved and then revisited ten (10) years later. In 2008, when the Sustainable Design Assessment Team (SDAT) reiterated once again that in order to really S.E.E Leon Valley (Sustainable, Equitableand support Economic Development) the City needed to have a “sense of place,” or identity.  Since that visit, the City has had failed attempts at grant funding, held discussions with the Leon Valley Economic Development Corporation, and researched other funding sources. To keep the monuments and beautification of Bandera Road momentum going, Halff Associates, Inc. was hired to design a monument concept for Bandera Road, with cost estimates for implementation. The City was able to secure funding from the Leon Valley Economic Development Corporation (LVEDC) and the Community Infrastructure Economic Development (CIED) Fund, and two (2) monument signs, measuring twenty (20) feet in height, are planned for the  medians at both Bandera Road at Seneca Drive and Bandera at Eckhert Roads.  This is the first phase of what are to become identifying markers for Leon Valley.  Other phases hope to include other key areas of the City such as Bandera Road at Loop 410, and at the city limit lines along Huebner, Grissom, and Wurzbach roads.

2013 is a “brick and mortar” year in Leon Valley and so the timeline for this project is now in the forefront, and the design, development, and installation of the monuments is eminent.  Town Hall meeting and 60% plans are sent to TxDot for review and approval. A Request for Service is submitted to CPSEnergy so that a Project Manager can be assigned to the City for the continued design and processing of the monument lighting.   See Status Report

The details of this project will be updated as they occur or are occurring.  The next steps include final approval for placement of the monuments in the TxDot right-of-way and contract bidding for construction. 

A Branding Committee has been created by the City Council to determine what symbol will be placed on the monuments as a City placemaker/identifier.  The Committee begins their review with the assistance of a professional consultant in March 2013, and hope to have identification alternatives by June 2013.  In the meantime, the Construction Plan will be prepared, and Bidding and Project Awarding will be initiated.

For additional questions or concerns call Kristie Flores, Director of Community Development at 210-684-1391, extension 227 or email to