Monument Project

Leon Valley Monuments

The Bandera Road Monument project is being spearheaded by the Community Development Department. Director Flores reports that in April 2013, 60% complete plans for the monuments were submitted to City Public Service, for addressing and to assure the proposed electrical plans meet their requirements. Ms. Flores reports they were approved.

The design contractor for the project, Halff & Associates, reports that they are nearing the home stretch and are submitting the 90% plan set to Ms. Flores   now. These plans will be labeled 90% per the project scope, but will technically be closer to 100% plans.  Once they receive city comments, they will have a quick turn-around to get the sealed plans over to TxDOT for final review and then put the project out to bid.

Bidding for construction should take place in the May-June time period, while actual construction should begin in July. Completion of the structures should take place at the end of September.