Hike & Bike LC -17 Project


Hike & Bike Trail Overview

In 2008, Bexar County Flood Control funded a buyout program for a large number of the properties on Jeff Loop and El Verde Roads, along Huebner Creek in the Leon Valley city limits, in order to redesign Huebner Creek for the prevention of flooding. The project is known as LC-17, Segment III. They will be reshaping the creek bed and banks, and will then deed portions of the land to the City of Leon Valley.

In March of 2012, the City of Leon Valley proposed a Hike and Bike Trail, for this area and beyond, at the Metropolitan Planning Organization’s (MPO) call for projects, that would meet the criteria for Category 7 Surface Transportation-Metropolitan Mobility (STP-MM) funding. The project was recommended for funding by the Transportation Policy Board, with the funding being provided by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) through the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). The City will pay 20% of the estimated $1,200,000 total cost for the project, with the other 80% being a reimbursement to the City during project construction.  

The total project includes the area within the LC-17 Section III Flood Control project, and an area located from Evers Road to Bandera Road, along Huebner Creek, consisting of the existing Raymond Rimkus Park, which is approximately 26 acres and boasts a children’s ADA playground, pavilions, restrooms, ball fields, parking areas and a non-ADA compliant walking trail. Connecting to Raymond Rimkus Park is the Huebner-Onion Natural Area Park, which features a primitive walking path, also non-ADA compliant, with no other amenities. The 36 acre Huebner-Onion Natural Area Park extends to the bridge over the 6500 block of Bandera Road. That, coupled with the LC-17 area, results in a total of approximately 1.6 miles of proposed Hike and Bike Trail.

The City of San Antonio is currently planning for the expansion of their Leon Creek Greenway System to include new trails along tributaries, including Huebner Creek almost to the Leon Valley city limits, at the Crystal Hills subdivision. They plan to construct a trailhead at the end of Shadow Mist Rd. The connection of the Leon Valley and San Antonio Trails will serve as both outdoor recreational facilities and a multimodal transportation corridor for pedestrians and bicyclists through both cities.

The design and engineering portion of the project located within the Leon Valley city limits is the 20% being funded by the City of Leon Valley. The other 80% will be the construction costs funded through the reimbursement program from the FHWA, through TXDOT.

The project should be let by the City in the spring of 2015 and completely finished by the end of 2015.